Marketing C212 Essay

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Marketing C212

Suzanne Arciga


A1. New Products and Services

Mary Kay was started in Dallas, Texas, with only five products. The entrepreneur, Mary Kay Ash, biggest dream was to transform; inspirer and help women obtain success.
Currently Mary Kay offers more than 200 premium products. The product assortments are innovative skin care, tantalizing makeup and unforgettable fragrances.
Mary Kay is currently available in 35 markets on five continents worldwide and sales of Mary Kay are about $4 billion in wholesale sales worldwide.
Subsequently since 1990, Mary Kay Inc. has experienced substantial growth, opening in more than 20 new markets around the world.
In June 2007 there was talk about a corporation by the name
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In today’s market based economies, amounts; such as prices, send signals that act as incentives to buyers and sellers, this changes their behavior – that is, the amount of a good or service they are disposed to purchase or to offer for sale. Personal interview questionnaire showed that a customer is willing to shop for hours online, but once they go to the check-out process and are shown the total including tax and shipping about 38 percent of customers backed out.

Competitive Advantage
The competitive advantage associated with a store specifically for Mary Kay products is the increase in variety, availability, and a lessened pressure to buy. The competitive advantage gained by offering the no tax or shipping cost is the increase the brand power associated with being an expert in the niche of the cosmetics industry. Mary Kay is known in the United States as one of the top cosmetic seller; 25th place. The market expansion will build the same products quality and image to the Costa Rican market and conquer as it has in the United States.
Risks in Service Launched
The risk can be mitigated by establishing a contact person and a process that will put in place and delegate the requirements and meetings that are part of corporate maintenance in a free trade zone. The inherent risks associated with offering the two new services are affordability to the