Essay on Marketing Case Study 7

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Michael Lehman
Case 7, page 653
The market segment that the company is targeting is most obviously the wealthy. In the description, they came right out and said that they are looking for people of high profiles as well. Their effort is to create an atmosphere that will be attractive to those of high status, those who are well­to­do, and most importantly, those who are looking to take a break from it all.
It is probable that foreigners may desire visiting the lodge more than New Zealanders because the foreigners may be in more need of an escape, while the New Zealanders are likely to have that same escape in their own backyard, not to mention that many are probably unhappy with losing some of their land. Those who come from an urban setting might be even more appreciative of the lodge, considering it is especially difficult for them to escape a life full of paparazzi and obsessors.
Customers will expect only the absolute best of the lodge when it comes to guest quarters, amenities, and service. Given the pricing, their expectations are made rightfully. If marketed successfully, the lodge could become the premier getaway for all of those in the world who are of high status. Though the resort offers quality vacationing, part of the appeal is the exclusivity of it all. Some guests might even have more of desire to just be left alone, and would not require such attention. It would be wise of the company to consider both types of customer, and the offering of multiple reservation packages.
It is safe to assume that the Waituiwa Lodge will hold the esteem of one of the