Marketing Companies Have Figured Out That Audiences Associate Products With A Loss In Life

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In Class Essay
Arman Paymani April, 17 2014
Marketing companies have figured out that audiences associate products with a loss in life. Commercials are putting in a family and caring theme rather than their products. It shows the audiences that their products have the valve to bring equality, untied, and caring towards the family. For example, Apple and Tim Hortons are using an emotional content theme in their short stories. In the Tim Hortons commercials, the father and son don’t have a great relationship together. In addition, the son was passionate about hockey and the father wasn’t passionate about hockey in the son’s point of view. The father was always passionate about hockey from the beginning. He always gave a cup of fresh brewed coffee to the janitor from the ice rink. When the father and grandfather were discussing about the short story to his son, the son realizes his father was passionate as well as himself and while the father was cheering for his grandson. While with Apple commercial it was discussing a son on his still not forgotten the true meaning of family caring support towards love each other. Still, the son is not involved in the family spirit in during the holidays. In these, different sections of commercials the most confusing commercial was the Budweiser because of the whole symbolize with the dog