Marketing: Culture and Migrants Essay

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To decide whether the above statement is true or not,the defination if multiculturism needs to be defined.
Multicuturalism means of several cultures.It means a country or a city or even a community which possess a wide variety of people coming from different cultures,and ethnic backgrounds.they speak different languages,their food varies even the way they converse is different and so is their body language.
What may be acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in other.or example in the Middle Eastern countries maintaining eye contact s very crucial,however in Japan this may be considered as invasion of privacy.In oder to achieve community harmony in multicultural society ,it is very important to focus on the benefits.People fom various culture bring their own practices and beliefs and this impacts the corporate world of society the most.where the people are expected to work together to achieve a common goal.
However,this challenge can be molded into an oppurtunity by utilising the new ways in an efficient manner to bring out positive and productive output from the employee.Hence,I agree with the statement that multicultralism promotes the integration of ethnic acceptance and respect for cultural diversity,community harmony and inclusion.

Executive Summary
Australian multiculralism’s policy attemts to manage the consequences of the diversity.It acknowledges the rights of all Australians ,firstly,cultural identity-the rights to express their cultural heritage in such areas as religion and language ;secondly:social justice-the rights of equality of treatment and opportunity ,regardless of race,language,religion and gender,finally,economic efficiency-the need to maintain and develop.
From researches and surveys it has been obtained that there are several factors that affects the migrants settling in Australia in one way or the other.
Economic factors effect migrants for their wages , employments and other sources to live a better life. Cultural factors make the migrants think they are isolated and feel left alone due to different backgrounds . Whereas, political laws and constitutions are too familiar to British and US ,which are not appropriate for middle east and some other parts as well.
Keeping all the factors in mind I still do believe that Australia encourages multiculturalism and welcomes migrants from all over the world and gives them better opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Multiculralism
“All contemporary societies are now culturally plural:no society is made up of people having one culture,one language and one society”(Sam &Berry,2006)
Mutliculturalism means those policies that respond to ethnic diversity,and have their primary objects to create conditions under which all groups and members of the community
Work and live together in peace.
Fully participate and work their skills and work for the betterment of the economy.
Maintain and give expression to their distinctive cultural heritage.
There are several factors that effect migrants in Australia.lets dicuss the macro factors;
2. Economic Factors:
The following variables are components of the economic factors which affect the migrants:
2.1 Labour Market Participation
The immigrants in Australia might face difficulties in the labour market of Australia according to the research.This is mainly due to two reasons:
2.1.1 Due to poor language skills:
The migrants coming from the background where english is not widely spoken often face problems and this becomes a barrier in successful settlement in the region.English being the native language of Australia of utmost important for any migrant wishing to settle in Australia. Poor english skill can also lead to discrimination at workplace with individuals being excluded from groups within the workforce.Williams(1996)
2.1.2 Immigrants have occupational skills:
Examples of such skills are engineers,teachers