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Globalization Paper

Though some people view globalization and the outcome as unaccommodating, I see the procedure of international integration as something that’s convenient for us as citizens and for our entire country. It helps not only economically but also politically and socially as well. The way it benefits us economically is because of the supportive financial results it provides and the reduction of inequality it equips us with. Politically, globalization assists it because of the fact that it allows the political activity to exceed national borders through international transportation and proceedings. When it comes to the social aspect, I believe it is beneficial in a variety of ways. It gives us an advantage because we get to receive and experience the best of the latest technology that have been generated from most of the big producing countries such as China, India and japan in which some other countries and foreigners do not get the chance to sustain. We get to encounter foods exported here that are only produced in other countries and experience foods from different cultures and ethnicity’s that have resettled in our country over time. Also, we get access to popular foreign products such as the Gucci name brand and foreign cars like BMW and Toyota. The good quality of acquiring and trading products is that it develops some type of correspondence and relation between countries which is always affirmative and somewhat favorable for both sides. If globalization did not exist in our country, America definitely would not be the way it is in today’s world. Even though many people actually believe it has impacted the economy and has played a factor in the increase of the countries unemployment rates it has done us more favors as well positive things, but also in today’s modern times “Globalization manages on a larger scale, leaving few people unaffected and exerting it’s influence in the most remote places” (p.51) which moderately proves that the positive effects of it