Marketing: Customer Service Essay

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Name: Li JiaYi
Chapter 1
Discussing the Concept
2. I support this accusation.
The first step of the marketing process is that the companies must fully understand customers’ needs, wants and demands, and then they provide the customers with the method of satisfaction.
Sometimes maybe the customers do not really want to buy the products, but the companies use the marketing to make people puzzle. Such as undertakes a large-scale selling and promotion effort.

Apply the concept
1. Delivery superior customer value and satisfaction are the most important thing in manage the customer relationship. To a company, it not only to capture the current customer value, but also to make a lifetime patronage of the customer. Therefore the market should build the right relationship with right customers.
To attract young adult, who do not have much money, the manufacturer and dealer show them some cars which are not so expensive, and add more colors and fashion models to the cars.
Mid adult, this group of customer pays more attention to an automobile’s quality and stability. Knowing what mid adult needs and wants, the manufacturer and dealer can aim at this group of customer rightly.
For satisfy senior citizen, safety is the most critical element to capture customer value of this group.
Different types of customers require different customer relationship management strategies. Hence the company can capture customer value by creating value for targeted customers.

Chapter 2
Discussing the concept
Once the company decided a product’s positioning, the most important thing is to make it get into the mind of the consumers.
Wendy’s pointedly in its new “You know when it’s real” advertising that it sales only “North American beef”, it shows that beef origin is the new point to compare with other burger operators. To accomplish Wendy’s positioning, Fuddruckers follows Wendy’s lead with a “Real” campaign emphasizing of its beef, and furthermore it extended the campaign and posted some videos to YouTube.
The Chevy Volt’s current positioning strategy: More Car than Electric. The positioning points out that Chevy Volt a small, fuel-efficient car, saving gasoline, instead of use electric. has three operational strategies: low cost-leadership, customer differentiation and focus strategies. First, Amazon makes sure that it offers a cheaper price with the same quality products as other competitors. Additionally, Amazon provides current and