Marketing Environmental factors Essay

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The direct market environments are the customers, the company, and the competitors. The external market environments are cultural and social, economic, political and legal, and technological (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011). The marketing strategy planning process abates only to the best opportunities. These opportunities are highlight in the strategy and provide the firm with a competitive advantage. The strategy considers the market environment and how these elements are shifting to provide target customers with superior value.
Toyota is an automotive industry organization that manufactures vehicles, and motor cycles. The organization is one of the largest automotive companies in the world. Toyota has a home country of Japan, and includes operations in the host country of China.
An external marketing environment that leads to the progress of Toyota is technology. Technology refers to systems and tools that make tasks more efficient and desirable. The availability of technology in a country can affect an organization’s presence in a market. The host country of China has the availability of various technologies Toyota uses for more efficient production, advertising, accounting, management, and commerce. These technologies create the best opportunity for Toyota to enter and establish its operations in China profitably and efficiently. Information technology in China is a modern trend that organizations are using in the process of commerce and communities. The technology opportunities in China are a consideration for Toyota’s marketing mix.
China dominates globally in science and technology. Dense population offers more full-time science and engineering researchers. China’s education system produces a high number of people with science and engineering doctorates, producing record