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Master of International Business International Marketing Individual Assignment 2012


GoPro - HD wearable camcorder

Margarida Martinho Strand Cohort

Introduction When GoPro, which introduced the first wearable sports cameras, launched its first product, there was nothing like this camera. This product has become a success since it was introduced in the market. What makes it so different from the others that satisfy the same needs? Further analysis about the product is needed to understand the means of differentiation that have the most impact on decision-making. Constructing a sustainable competitive advantage through differentiation strategy is one method,
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They are the best cameras to document adventures because they can be mounted anywhere. The price is very attractive and cameras can be found online or at any GoPro retail outlets. The price varies from £150-£300. A price-determining factor would be the quality of the camera, which has a direct influence on the price. There are some features that the company can improve over time, such as memory capacity, size, weight, and the quality of the photographs and videos. This business has a strategically inexpensive location and is convenient for customers and suppliers. GoPro is located in all the major cities of Australia and is even affiliated with the Walt Disney Corporation, River Wood Capital, Sage View Capital, Walden International, and U.S. Venture Partners. They are positioned in high population areas such as Australia, NewYork, London, and Austria. Such strategic positioning has helped them to make the product well-known.

Margarida Martinho

Individual Marketing assignment 29-­‐11-­‐2012

Business units employ various marketing techniques in order to increase the market share, publicize a business, and increase the profit margin from the sales. These can be achieved through advertising,