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Marketing Exam 2.

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1) Pricing are relatively the same if to compare some of the Ralph Lauren lines (the cheaper ones) to Jack Wills prices, however Lauren has more then 10 lines that each of them concentrate on specific market and people.
2) Ralph Lauren target market is people from age 20-60 from upper class and Jack Wills has a specific market that targets students from middle\upper class.
3) Ralph Lauren has ‘The World of Lauren’ in the main page (easy to see) that describes in deep the history of this fashion house including their values, philosophy and in order to find the Jack Wills, you need to go till the end of the page and in the small letters it is possible to find the link.


During this essay I will compare and contrast two very successful brands that use theirs unique pricing and branding strategies. The first brand is Jack Wills is a British-heritage brand that was found in 1999. The second is Ralph Lauren Corporation that was launched in 1967 in USA.
At first, I want to point out that these two brands are quite different including their pricing, target markets and branding mantra. These companies have their own values and strategies that I will describe below.

Main Body:

Ralph Lauren is an American design company that has already been in the market for 48 years. It is a global luxury brand that has their target market mostly on middle and upper class by introducing into the market many lines and collection for different group of people such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Purple Label, Ralph Lauren Collection, Black Label, RRL, Club Monaco and etc. Their different lines concentrates on different markets but overall is mostly for woman/man about age 20-60 that are students, professionals that come from middle and upper class and also like sports like golf, sailing, rugby and etc.
Jack Wills is a relatively new British company that in the market for 11 years. The prices are lower comparing to Ralph Lauren, but with some lines such as Denim and Supply are relatively the same. Their target market are students ‘University Outfitters’ and ‘Fabulously British’ (at first were British students) from all around the world. However, secondary school students also prefer to wear Jack Wills. They introduce to the market sporty and college clothes (polo and rugby styles). However, Jack Wills’ prices are relatively high (the average hoodie is about 50 pounds) and not every student can afford it. Jack Wills pricing strategy is all about the clothes that not everyone may afford.
They have good quality products, however, some people think that these products are over-priced. Ralph Lauren however gives more opportunity and uses a good pricing strategies that cover the big market of consumer. By this way, they attract more costumers and actually have the base of the loyal ones. They have more them 367 full-price and factory retail stores around the globe but for now the main problem