Marketing Exam 3 Essay

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Marketing 3213 Summer 2011 Distance Learning Exam 3

Do not open this booklet until instructed to do so. Darken the correct answer to each of the questions on the answer sheet. If you have any questions please ask the proctor. When you have completed the exam, hand in the exam and answer sheet to the proctor.

A 1. Which of the following is not one of the variables used by customers to evaluate
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c. using different brand names for the same product across national boundaries. d. using the same brand for the original product and all subsequent product extensions. e. using a current brand name to enter a different product class. C 18. The diffusion process curve shows: a. the relationship of the product life cycle to sales. b. how price changes as different groups adopt a product. c. that different groups adopt new products at different times. d. a guide to management showing when new products should replace old ones. e. that the failure rate of new products varies greatly.

B 19. The elements that make services unique are the four Is. The four Is are: a. inflexibility, intangibility, inconsistency, and inseparability. b. intangibility, inconsistency, inseparability, and inventory. c. incompatibility, inconsistency, inseparability, and inventory. d. invisibility, inconsistency, inseparability, and intangibility. e. inflexibility, incongruity, inconsistency, and inventory. E 20. The three basic functions performed by intermediaries are: a. accommodating functions, logistical functions, and transactional functions. b. implementation functions, accommodating functions, and contractual functions. c. contractual functions, facilitating functions, and logistical