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Film Critique Assignment: The “Revew”
The assignment provides an opportunity to start writing about film (one of the student’s choosing), the only caveat being that the word ‘I’ cannot appear in the review. Hence, ‘revew.’ Shying away from phrases such as ‘I liked this…’ will force students to start to articulate their thoughts about film in a manner closer to the critical essays to come, while still remaining in the comfort zone of a more surface level evaluation in the form of a traditional, albeit slightly altered, review format. Use this opportunity to evaluate the way in which cinematic elements (narrative, cinematography, editing, performance, sound, etc) either contribute to, or detract from, the overall viewing experience. The film review is an important assignment because it allows students to analyze their personal reactions to the text but also start writing about film with clarity, style and effectiveness. It should be an expression of your thoughts and emotions channeled into a well composed, reasoned and supported argument on whether the film merits viewing by others.

Include the following elements in your movie review:

1. In the opening paragraph state the ‘required information’ in an engaging way. Describe how you truly feel about the film. What is your honest reaction? Did you like/dislike it? Why? Was it entertaining? Boring? Disturbing? Well-constructed? Well acted?
2. In the next three to five paragraphs analyze the formal aspects of the film to prove your thesis. Use examples from the movie to support your analysis.
3. In the conclusion, rate the film (manner of your choosing) and state whether or not you would recommend it, or more specifically, whom you think may or may not enjoy it. Finally, did we learn anything from this film? Summarize, reflect and parting words.

Make sure to have a good strong main opinion/thesis. Comment on specific films details to support your argument. Make sure it flows nicely, beginning, middle and end.

Must be typewritten in ‘Times New Roman,’ size 12.