Marketing: Fiscal Year and Integrated Customer Marketing Essay

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Marketing and Advertisement:
ConAgra has been criticized by investors for its lack of branding power for a long time. Now it has redesigned its logo (a plate with a smile and a spoon) and is focusing on getting better shelf space at retailers. In order to push its new products, the company has been offering coupons and staging other promotions. ConAgra has increased 33%, or $27 million, on advertisement and promotion expense in its third quarter of the current fiscal year. ConAgra doesn’t spend its marketing money on a lot of brands in its portfolio. It only market the brands where it feels it has a major point of differentiation from its competitors. Most of the marketing is done through couponing, sampling, in-store demos, etc.

ConAgra’s new structure for success: Integrated Customer Marketing (ICM)
Integrated Customer Marketing Allows Retailers to Connect with Shoppers by:
Understanding that behind every purchase decision there is emotional truth.
Digging deep to find out the insight behind a shopping behavior.
Taking these insights and creating retailer-specific programs that reverberate with customers.
Knowing the difference between shopper’s insights and consumer’s insights, but finding ways to influence both.
Aligning brands, categories, marketing and retailer goals with the solutions that shoppers seek.
ICM is a performance engine driven by shoppers Insights/ analytics. It uses a set of data tools organized around the needs of shoppers to understand what causes their satisfaction. The Category Leadership team work with the individual