Essay on Marketing: Franchising and Subway

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In 2011, Subway became the top fast-food franchise chain when it reached 33,000 restaurants worldwide and the company is currently on track to hit 34,000 units very soon. This success was especially sweet for Subway because the franchise finally surpassed the legendary McDonald’s for the top spot. While such phenomenal growth would be expected of a major conglomeration, the sandwich chain actually built its brand one locally owned franchise at a time. Franchisees can learn a lot from Subway’s success, so compiled of list of the factors that led to their remarkable rise.

1. Stay on Top of Trends – Subway began as a simple sandwich shop, but the growing interest in healthier eating led them to evolve their menu to include lighter choices along with more substantial ones. The franchise quickly incorporated their healthier, fresher food into their marketing message and began appealing to more health-conscious consumers.

2. Be Flexible – Subway had been just another sandwich chain until their rapid response to the market’s newfound focus on health enabled them to be one of the first fast food franchises to jump on the trend. They quickly adapted their menu and marketing message to reflect the changing consumer. This healthy shift has proved to be much more difficult for traditional burger chains known for their greasy choices.

3. Sell a Story – Rather than just promoting the healthfulness of their sandwiches, the franchise enlisted spokesperson Jared to tell the story of how Subway helped him lose weight. His struggle resonated with consumers by appealing to them on a personal level. The franchise continues to use Jared as a major marketing strategy since he’s earned a strong fan following.

4. Move Beyond Basic Storefronts – Today, Subway units can be found in a wide variety of locations, including schools, hospitals, and convenience stores. Rather than…