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Professor Perez
SDEV 0170-157
November 26, 2012 Marketing There are many different jobs in the world to choose from, but what you have to figure out is what career best suites yourself. I have thought about being a doctor, lawyer, the more common careers but I couldn’t see myself enjoying that. I want to be my own boss, do things and get things done my way on my time.
As I think about my future I can’t help but see myself doing something that expresses myself and is new and different every day. That’s why I chose to major in Marketing. I would love to take it to full advantage and eventually become an Event coordinator and help plan /organize parties, outings, organizations etc. Even though this sounds very simple it is a lot more stressful than you may think. Event Coordinators budget, establish dates and alternate dates, plan and prepare facilities in a design matter and make sure it meets your expectations, and provides service. My degree Plan that I want to major in is marketing. I want to take my two years at SAC and then transfer to Texas State. In order to transfer I must take the classes on my degree plan, the number of hours that I have to take is about 60. It’s mostly the basics along with speech, humanities, government and business. In this specific field there are many other plans you can choose from such as hospitalities. Most employers require coordinators to have a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience. So to