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1-The Corporate Connection

-Mission Statement The sole purpose of our organization is to Travel Representatives and Corporate Incentive Travel planners to chosen destinations. Our company strives to ensure that quality of hospitality, tourism, and leisure are taken into great consideration. -Vision Statement
Our Destination Marketing Company is under the influence of globalization, new technology and in the process of creating and implementing new travel insurance departments.

2- Analysis and Forecasting -SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. STRENGHTS * Service * Technological * Quality * Financial Resources * Sales/Channels | WEAKNESSES * Staff * Market position * Outdated Facility | OPPORTUNITIES * Funding * Sales * Globalization | THREATS * Tax increases * Economy * Increased competition |

Since this company strives to have quality in service, sales and financial resources. The weaknesses are staff, market position and outdated facilities because the company is becoming exposed to hiring staff and marketing to the labor market. In terms of opportunities, there is funding and initial stage of globalization. Threats of the company are obvious since it is a new company the threats are tax increases which will be costly for the company, and also competition of rival firms.

3- Competitive Analysis To achieve the best customer service, our travel agency is providing functions to our clients according to their financial budget, interest and accommodation expectations. In general, we strive to give the best advice on destinations, airfares, schedules, available travel packages, and make the best travel and transportation arrangements. Besides, we inform the customers about tours, hotel accommodation, weather conditions, and tourist attractions. Moreover, direct e-mail, telemarketing, and online internet services are promoted to customers 24/7. We are competitive in the travel industry because we possess unique values and core competencies that distinguish us from other companies. We believe that working closely to alter and attain to the needs of our customers is the number one service that we value in our workplace. Our workers come from different backgrounds, portraying different skills in different areas that make us competent. The knowledge and skills these workers have help to maintain a stable and ongoing business relationship with our service providers in Ibiza. The high-tech environment in our workplace enables direct and quick access to various software and links that also give us direct access to information and travel agents in Ibiza, to book the best tours, hotels, and restaurants.

4- Product Positioning and Branding
(i) The socio-cultural placement we whish our product to be in. We will market to people in the young period of their life cycle. Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Valencia in Spain. The moderately small island emerged as a tourist destination in 60’s bringing its large hotel complexes and its extravagant leisure activities. Ibiza has remarkably been known for its historical attractions; nevertheless its cities are famous all around the world and known for its tourism, nightlife, house music, clubs, bars stunning beaches and sands. The islands that most consumers come from are young people as it is well known for its summer club scene, and entertainment capital of Europe. In addition, we are going to make sure our young consumers not only be lost in the crowd of the wild clubs but also ensure that they discover cultural and natural wealth of the island such as; the Phoenician ruins of Sa Caleta, the walled city of Dalt Vila, the Natural Reserve of Ses Salines, and the Punic necropolis of Puig des Molins. On the other hand, Ibiza is the perfect place for families to come and visit. It has beautiful and safe beaches, its history, heritage and culture