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Review of the website
eBay is a website that links consumers to suppliers. It is a consumer to consumer website where people or businesses can buy or sell pretty much anything in an auction or “buy-it-now” format. In other words, EBay is a common market place where buyers and sellers exchange goods of monetary value. It is a common market place where anyone can buy or sell practically anything. This marketplace was founded in 1995 . It connects a diverse and passionate community of individual buyers and sellers as well as small businesses. It is one of the most successful website for online marketing. Their collective impact on ecommerce is astounding. In 2011, the total value of goods sold on EBay alone was 68.1 billion; more than $2100 worth of goods were sold every second. It was one of the first social networking site ( ).The website was created as an experiment by Pierre Omidyar on his Labor day weekend. eBay promotes networking among people who would not be connected otherwise. Pierre firmly believed that people are basically good, and that any issues would work themselves out by the community and can trust doing business with strangers online. At eBay, browser can simultaneously play role of both buyer and seller. It can connect people locally or internationally. eBay does not place any constraints on items to be sold or bought. One can virtually anything can be traded on eBay as long as it is legal. They can be either sold at a fixed price or at an auction.

Analysis of the Website
The website is composed mainly of green, white, blue and red. While blue and white are the dominant colors, red and green also help add colors along with yellow. These colors give the website a presentable and lively outlook. This website provides the browser with multiple options. It also has a section that explains the browser the steps for opening a new account to buying or selling new as well as used goods. This website is a very secure site and maintains costumer confidentiality until required during the actual transaction. It will not show any personal information until you have purchased the item. generations.
Ease of Use: The user interface of the website is simple and does not confuse the user. The short and simple terms used for items or hyperlinks or for actions to be taken makes it easier for new users to access the functionalities of the website more easily. The website has numerous links that guides users to variously. It consists of numerous links and hyperlinks that link the users to their item of interest which provides them with necessary details and often picture as well. The items on sale are listed in their respected categories and sub-categories. Customers can make their transaction by creating a new account or by logging in as guest where no personal information is required. It also allows correspondence between buyers and sellers if needed, view product reviews, and filter one's search by inputting specific details. The hyperlink of the item on sale provides the costumer with details of shipping information, cost of buying, number of bids if it is an item for auction etc.

Analysis of the Website
One of the biggest strengths of this website is that it makes it easy to connect to people to either sell or buy items. The website has numerous functionalities that guide users to locate items of on EBay are price worthy and leaves the costumer satisfied with the choices they make. The highly skilled management keeps the website from being hacked or and fixes any kind of bugs or technical roadblocks. "The dominant global marketing approach is the practical wisdom of ‘glocalization’—an amalgam of global strategy and local adaptation. This is likely to remain the dominant model at least for the foreseeable future" (Wilken, R., Sinclair, J., 2011). Another strong aspect is its ability to connect customers to suppliers. It allows customers to