Marketing: Internet and Technology Essay

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Regina Joyner
Emerging Technology


In today’s society technology is taking over the world. Technology has grown so rapidly over the years. This has helped us in our everyday lives. Technology has helped us save time, Years ago before technology was created people would send mail by postage, but in today’s generation we have other alternatives like email, telephones, cellular phones and even video chat all of these are used as a form of communication. All of this technology is less time consuming especially in this busy world today. Many employers promote and built businesses through the internet. The growth of technology has also helped improve working parents because you are able to work from home without having to leave your family or pay for babysitters. Technology has made it possible to multi task. With today’s technology the internet keeps you involved with what’s going on in the world. You no longer have to wait on lines to shop you can buy anything off the internet from shoes to airplane tickets.
Although I have expressed how much technology has helped our generation there are still some concerns with today’s technology such as becoming addicted to the internet and social networking. Many individuals have lost their jobs because they could not fight the urge of not using the computer. Technology has also made today’s society lazy and even obese because of the lack of body movement. The use of technology like tv’s, radio’s, and computers requires lots of energy, which means higher electricity bill. As much as technology has made our lives