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Unit 1 Individual Project 1

Unit 1 Individual Project 2
Over the years Apple has used Empathy, focus, and Impute to become the world’s most valuable company (measured by market capitalization) and one of world’s most valuable brands. (Forbes 2013). Although Apple was voted winner of the 2012 CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence, the Technological, Social, and Competitive Marketing Environmental forces can be implemented into their strategy to cause a successful impact. Price and Product strategy can be implemented to overcome the threats and capitalize on opportunities.

In the Technological environment force the advances in technology have provided opportunities to new products, new ways of selling and also new ways of influencing the buyer. Technology wise Apple has been one of the leaders in the industry for a long time. They offer Phones, iPod MP3 music players, computers and a few other products. The iPad 4 comes with an a6x processor which is slower then other tablets in the market. Apple should get faster processor. The Camera on the iPad only offers 5 megapixels in quality. This is considerably lower to other completion on the market. The iPhone 5 needs a longer/stronger battery. If you’re a phone navigator like me you’re probably using your phone 18 hours out of a day, rather its Facebook, games, internet searching or just email. So implanting the technology force will be a plus for Apple. (2010 Apple Inc) (2013 Marketing)

The social environmental force is characterized by the existence of forces which supply to changing demands for a particular product. Social is the biggest thing in Digital marketing and Apple has a just ignore it attitude. Other companies like Twitter and Pinetest have filled their product pages with Facebook Icons but Apple hasn’t. Samsung on the other hand is totally opposite which have given Samsung social media advance over Apple. Samsung has a twitter account with 2million followers and a Facebook page of 10million fans.
Competitive environmental force is what competitors are doing, where the next technological developments are coming from and general directs the market is moving. In areas like Retail Apple challenge their competition. They even have their own section in stores like best buy. In the last her Apple stock has decreased. Samsung eclipsed Apple in global Smartphone market share with 30.3% of the market, compared to Apple’s 19.1%. Apple uses Macbook Air on their laptops while some completion uses Windows which is much cheaper. (2013 Time Inc.)

Unit 1 Individual Project 3

Price Strategy is a long-term plan of price related decisions and actions derived from the corporate overall strategy. The Kindle Fire and several other tablets provide the same things as the Apple iPad and cost for these products are way less expensive. You can buy a Kindle for 199 and iPad cost from 499 to 829. Lowering the price of the apple iPads will contribute to growth in sales and also expand apple network market. (Hearst Communication Inc.)

Product strategy is a core component of the overall marketing strategy. The product itself guides decisions that a business makes to achieve marketplace success. The kindle Fire is lighter than the iPad weighing 14.6 ounces and the iPad