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1. Major Marketing and minor graphic designer n 2. Marketing: Selling, advertising and promotion strategy, marketing management and planning, pricing strategy and negotiations and retail.
Graphic Design: Drawing, digital illustration, typographic, color. 3. The larger field of Marketing is often broken down into three broad sub-fields: Consumer Behaviour, Strategic Marketing and Quantitative Marketing. Most researchers find that their work falls into one (or at most two) of these subfields. 4. Advisor. 5. Look at the library, some books. 6. Filipe Moura
Career Orientation
Henderson, K

Marketing and Graphic Design

Choosing a major it is not an easy decision to make, before choosing it, it is very important not only thinking about the major, but, it is important to think about the market, also, your major needs to be something that you like to do, something that you will enjoy work with. Your degree is something that you will carry for the rest of your life. I have chosen something that I really like to do and also, I know that my both majors it is going to be very helpful for my future. I have chosen Marketing and Graphic Design degree. I want to take care of my clothing company, the both majors, it is going to be a helpful knowledge that I will earn during my collages year and with this knowledge I will be able to making my company grow.
Marketing and graphic design are complete different majors, but when both work together they make a great combination and can create a wonderful ideas. Marketing will be able to take care of business area. It will help me sell my product and all areas behind of selling. I will be able to advertising, promote, planning, negotiated, and know what the customer wants. The biggest company today, they have more than only a nice product. The big companies have so many people working for their marketing, moreover, marketing is what make something acceptable or not. In fact, if the new companies do not have any marketing involved the people will not know about my brand. Marketing for the beginning company is necessary; it will make the business grow well organized and will look very professional. Also, marketing will help the company interact with the consumers. “Marketing is the way companies interact with consumers to create relationships that are beneficial to both parties.” (2) Marketing will create a relationship between company and costumers, the company will be able to give clear information to the people, from advertising, promotion, and selling.
After I graduated from Lindenwood University, I will be able to create my own advertising, management, selling, negotiate, promotion strategy, communicate, and planning. It is almost everything that my company will need to start selling products. Resuming marketing is planning, advertise, and selling. To graduated and get degree students majoring in Marketing must complete the following required courses: Principles of Marketing, Marketing Information and Research, Pricing Strategy and Negotiations, Advertising and Promotional Strategy, Selling, Product Management, Marketing Communications, Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Management and Planning. According with Lindenwood University website; “the Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing requires the completion of the 36 credit hours of business core coursework listed in the Program Description section plus an additional total of 24 semester hours of coursework for a total of 60 hours.”(4)
Otherwise, graphic design will be able to create an identity to the company and build a good reputation in the minds of consumers. That is also a very important area of the company, graphic design have