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1.1 COURSE DETAILS Course: MARKETNG 7005 Marketing Principles (M) Coordinating Unit: Business School, Faculty of the Professions Teaching Period: Semester 1 Level: Postgraduate Coursework Location/s: North Terrace Units: 3 Contact: Up to 3 hours per week Prerequisites: Not applicable Corequisites: Not applicable Incompatible: Not applicable Assumed Knowledge: Not applicable Restrictions: Not applicable Quota: Not applicable Course Description: The course introduces a comprehensive range of professional marketing thought and action, in the framework of the marketing management process. The course introduces the marketing functions within profit and not-for-profit organisations and looks at the processes available to manage these organisational functions. Topics: the nature and purpose of marketing, the need for customer orientation, evaluating markets, targeting market opportunities, assessing buyer behaviour, the role of market information, products and services, pricing, distribution and promotion. Students undertake a marketing audit of a firm as part of their assessment. 1.2 COURSE STAFF Name: Janet Stone Location: Room 10.45 Building: Level 10, 10 Pulteney St. Adelaide Telephone: 8313 0090 (email is preferred) Email: Course Website: Please check your student email and MyUni, as announcements may be communicated electronically. Year: 2013 Mode: Internal


Students in this course should read this course profile carefully at the start of semester. It contains important information about the course. If anything in it is unclear, please consult the teaching staff. 1.3 COURSE TIMETABLE
The Seminars are held on WEDNESDAY 1pm-4pm in Engineering and Maths EM205. Seminars will commence on Wednesday 6 March and conclude on Wednesday 5 of June unless otherwise advised of the need for Week 13. There are no classes between April 15th to 26 th due to the mid semester break th th

The schedule of seminar topics is provided in this course profile. The full timetable of all activities for this course can be accessed from the Course Planner at



2.1 COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES Knowledge and Understanding This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental concepts of marketing planning and analysis and how the individual elements of marketing are interrelated with each other. This course will provide the basic concepts used by managers in understanding consumers and developing marketing strategies. This course also provides the foundations for further study in marketing. Designed for those with no prior knowledge/experience of marketing, the course’s objectives are to:       Offer students an understanding of the theory and practice of marketing in contemporary business life; Help students view marketing activities within the wider context of the business; Encourage students to view marketing within political, economic, social and cultural contexts; Encourage students to develop high-level critical thinking and problem solving skills; Encourage students to develop their ability to gain, evaluate and synthesise information and existing knowledge from a number of sources and experiences; and Encourage students to develop an appreciation of cultural diversity and sensitivity.

Learning Outcomes By the end of this course students should be able to: 1. View marketing as a co-ordinated and integrated effort of an organisation to satisfy relevant customer’s needs and at the same time meet organisational goals; 2. Identify opportunities and challenges presented to organisations and subsequently develop marketing objectives and strategies based on integrating the key elements of marketing; 3. Apply a range of theories to analyse opportunities in complex marketing