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Marketing management course promotion

A marketing management course conducted by Jones University is sure to appeal to those students who have completed their bachelor degree in business administration and look to pursue further studies to get a strong foothold in their career. Unlike popular perception, to develop a marketing campaign is not at all a rocket science. There is no need to create an elaborate and drab 300 page document that will not be read by everyone, particularly those you are targeting. Instead, it is best to create a simple, well chalked out map. For promoting the marketing management course at Jones University, here are some of the questions that need to be answered prior to selecting media channels and tools for promoting the same.
First and foremost, we should be answering who we are targeting with the campaign. Quite essentially, who will be the target audience for the marketing management course conducted by Jones University. Under this, we need to know what behavior and demographics should be targeted. Also, we also have to decide who will be the vendors and marketing partners. Also, we have to chalk out the core team members for the marketing campaign and who will be responsible for specific areas that need to be handled.
For the marketing management course, the target audience would invariably by college students who have probably completed their graduation studies. Thus, students falling in the age group between 20 and 24 should be the target audience. Indeed, decoding the targeting audience is the starting point for the marketing campaign. We have to keep in mind that the target audience is the source of revenue and money and thus, they should be carefully selected. The target audience will directly influence all the consequent aspects of the strategy. (Assael, 1992)
When deciding the target audience, it is also imperative to determine how the specific course will benefit the target audience or meet their demands and thus, customer’s motivation should be effectively addressed. Allies and partners will be required at different steps to deliver a complete experience to the customer. To determine the revenue and pricing model is also critical which will be based on the buyer’s professed value of enrolling for the study program.
While determining the revenue and pricing, it is also important to take into considering the economic as well as reference competition when potential competition needs to be analyzed that is aiming for the target buyer’s budget. Next, the right positioning has to be created to make the whole study program more appealing and lucrative as opposed to the competition, as perceived by the target customer. (Blythe, 2001)
The next segment to be targeted would be based on user profiles, geographies as well as profitability.
The next pertinent question to be answered is what the marketing campaign requires. Apart from the product, which here is the marketing management course offered by Jones University, designing the campaign material and choosing the right content for ads as well as placing the ads in correct places is also of paramount importance.(Aaker&Joachimsthaler, 2000)
The timing of the campaign also plays a critical role in determining how successful the campaign would be. In this case, if we launch the campaign for the marketing management course after most other B-schools have already started with similar programs, then it is going to be of no use. Thus, the campaign should be well-timed so that prospective students are aware of it when they are busy scouting for universities and study programs during their leaves.
When launching the campaign, we also have to consider whether we would be clashing with other marketing campaigns of other universities offering similar programs.
Finally, once the campaign is ready to be launched, we need to have a strong and full proof mechanism for analyzing the results of the campaign. Indeed, when we are spending a big