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Assignment #6

Business and
Customers and Their
Buying Behavior

This chapter puts more emphasis on the e-commerce revolution taking place in business-to-business (B2B) markets and how it influences marketing relationships among suppliers and their customers. For example, there’s a clear explanation of the different types of Internet website initiatives (for example, procurement hubs, exchanges, and communities) as well as topics such as reverse auctions and use of Internet bots to search the Web for vendors who meet a firm’s specifications. At the same time, coverage of some “traditional” topics has been streamlined to preserve the chapter’s fast and interesting pace. This chapter reflects both the newest research and best practices in business marketing.

1. Review the Chapter 6 Outline at the course homepage.
2. View the Chapter 6 Presentation at the course homepage.
3. Read Chapter 6 in the Essentials of Marketing textbook.
4. Visit the Online Learning Center Student Edition and review any/all resources available for Chapter 6.

1. Develop written responses for the following Questions and Problems from pages 162 - 163 in the textbook: Q&P 2, 3, 6, 12, and 13.
2. Develop written responses for the Internet Exercises found in Chapter 6 on pages 150 (go to this URL: . Click on the Popular Purchases link. Under the Furniture heading, click on Office Chairs. Under the Buyer’s Guide