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Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research University of Phoenix Jonathan Lindsey
Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research Kudler gourmet grocery store needs to expand its services, improve operations efficiency and increase its sales according to their recent increase. In developing a marketing research for Kudler’s food store; strategy and tactics is most important. Research at Kudler’s including advertising methods, study of customer’s desires, branding strategies and competition aspects. Knowing Kudler’s competition and the competitive environment is essential to their marketing strategy and methods of how Kudler should gather and analyze information about their competition will be reviewed.
Importance of marketing research Marketing research is important for Kudler Foods in order to be competitive in the grocery store industry. Research helps defines what audience is appropriate to target for its products. Finding the right target audience is the leading cause of a company’s growth. Performing marketing research will also allow Kudler to know who their competitors are prices and promotions. These competitors consist of stores such as Whole Foods, Winn Dixie, Wal-Mart, and some small organic food stores. Knowing what the competitor’s customers want helps Kudler target there audience as well, by having better promotions this leads to them being a better alternative.
Three areas in need of marketing research Kudler’s Market was introduced to the market as a pretty small grocery store, but has rapidly grown over the years. In order to this to continue new customers must be recruited. Nowadays the fastest way to promotion is Social media and word-of-mouth however there is always the significant way which is television, billboards, and radio broadcasting. Who are kulder’s customers, what are they likes and dislikes, is pricing more important than obtaining fresh product, or is both the main factor? Based on the research 85% of Kudler’s stores, are set up surrounding the middle class such as neighborhoods and shopping centers. Kudler; increase revenue, and improve customer loyalty? How is Kudler’s Fine Foods products looked a pawn by their valued customers? In order to receive accurate feedback regarding customer feedback will require additional market research. Marketing Strategy plan for Kudler, consumer’s think of us first when it comes to gourmet and fine foods if this occur this means the marketing plan is successful. Kudler’s product must be an eye catcher meaning, perfect location, advertisement, prices and most of quality products.
Kudler’s competitive environment Kudler’s Fine Foods has steep competition in the fine foods and grocery store industry. Competitors range from other fine foods stores, such as, General grocery stores, Winn-Dixie, and Wal-Mart Supercenters, each offer typical grocery wares but are increasingly making available differentiated options to reach new customers. For example, store brands are being offered along as natural and organic foods, and slashed prices. Customers are more aware of where their money goes, especially the way the economy is. Main question “Will Kudler’s Fine Foods be able to compete”? Specialty stores, such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s among others, offer natural and organic foods, such as milk, fresh-baked bread and organic varieties of produce, which is in direct competition with Kudler’s (Whole Foods, 2011). Ensuring that Kudler’s products match or surpass quality standards of its competitors would be helpful in the company’s marketing strategies. Kudler’s stores have and competitor does not? Kudler’s Fine Foods does not appear to have their own batcher on hand for deli purposes, vitamins, or other typical grocery store items. In addition its existing growth strategy may prove to become a profitable strategy for the company. On the other hand, the research could find that the company is considered an exceptionally exclusive grocery