Marketing: Marketing and Societal Marketing Orientation Essay

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Marketing has everything to do with the innovation, production, communication, delivering. Marketing deals with four philosophies, production, sales, marketing, and societal marketing orientation. These orientations help determine the direction a company or business follows. Production Orientation focuses on its ideas, what it is capable of providing or manufacturing for the society. Sales Orientation focuses on its high sales and high profits, and the technique to sale it to the customers. Marketing Orientation focuses on making customers happy and making profits at the same time. While Societal Marketing orientation focuses on selling the customers what they want and the same time preserving the environment. Marketing does not belong only to the marketing department, rather it it’s a team work; a collaboration from the top to the bottom of a company until it gets to the end user The business that came to my mind is the Apple business. I chose it because of their innovative ways. Apple follows the Production Orientation Philosophy. They are well known for their highly sophisticated, innovative products, and most of their recent products have received positive responses from consumers. They sold over one million pre-order copies before the launch of iphone 4s. Apple has created new innovative products, by utilizing the talents of their production teams. Although, Apple did not meet the consumer expectations at the early stage of their company.