Marketing: Marketing and Target Market Essay

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Econ 344 Individual Submission (10%)
Pick a current magazine or publication (available in Canada in the past few months). Applying research techniques and sources: • • • • • Determine the target market for this publication. Reference a product/service that is advertised in the publication. Determine the target market for that product/service. Is this an appropriate magazine to advertise this product/service? Are the products/services selected consistent with the publication's audience?

Our lessons over the next several weeks will help but please use the textbook to look up any needed insights or information that will help you complete this submission. Marking Rubric: 1. Publication 30%: • Describe the publication chosen for review including the targeted user profile and audience dimensions • Add the reach and breadth of circulation and any other relevant data on the publication • Any detail on the overall strategy or positioning of the magazine 3. Integration discussions 30%: • Analysis of the placement of the ad in this publication • Discuss the positioning of the magazine vs. positioning of the ad • Show evidence of marketing theory in this presentation • Provide strong, well-defended arguments and a conclusion 2. Advertisement 30%: • Describe the advertised product/service including the targeted user profile • Assess the target market using research • Determine the positioning statement • Detail the relevant benefits offered to the target market 4. Other 10%: •