Marketing: Marketing and Target Market Effectors Essay

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Section 3: Target Market Effectors (Three Niece Farm)
The main goal of this section is identify target market customer and non-customer segments. Also, we will need to establish awareness, perceptions, behavior and retrial of the products offered at Three Niece Farm (TNF) according to these segments.
Target Market:
It may seem obvious that the target market of TNF would be customers that are interested and invested in animals of the camelid family, the treatment of camelids, and products made from camelids. The target market may extend beyond this and penetrate the into areas of customers that are associated with agriculture, horticulture, farming, etc. It will be necessary to identify and research the non-customer segment and devise a plan to target and attract their business.
The awareness of and attitude toward the products produced and offered by TNF will need to be researched and evaluated based on known customer and non-customer segments. An interview with our client, Susan from TNF, may be able to provide valuable information surrounding. Online research, local surveys, and any existing advertisement inside and outside of the community will help these target market effectors become clearer.
As stated previously, determination of quantities of target market segments actually trying products produced by TNF will become clearer with data provided by Susan. Once we have this information, we can hone in on key factors and behavior variables that influence our target market. Beyond this, a critical parameter to measure is what actually brings customers back to TNF. Is it TNF’s philosophy and market strategy, their care and treatment of camelids,