Marketing: Marketing and Technical College Essay

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Georgia Piedmont Technical College
Principles of Marketing
COURSE : MKTG 1100 CRN : 20352 SEMESTER : Fall 2014

Dr. Cassandra Crute
Clarkston Campus Phone: (912) 231-7428
Hours: Advisement: By appointment over email Email: ANGEL email communication
Division Chair: Susan Wright, Office 201, Clarkston Campus Phone: 404-297-9522 x1129
Chair Email:
Please note: only call my number in case of an emergency. If you do have an emergency, please do not call after 9 p.m. or before 8 a.m. Send a text message. Violators of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action(s) which could include being dropped from the class. Angel email communication is to be used as the first and foremost communication tool.

Class Times: This is an online class. You must check the website at least three times a week for announcements, to post your assignment or take quizzes or exams.
Students should also access the class via Students are expected to routinely access the course each week to stay current with announcements and assignments.
Credit Hours & Pre-Requisites: Three credit hours.
Introduction & Course Description

MKTG1100 is an introductory course on marketing principles, practices, and strategies. It is a required course for all marketing majors and is an excellent elective for students who are interested in how companies launch products and support them in the marketplace. This course emphasizes the trends and the dynamic forces that affect the marketing process and the coordination of the marketing functions. Topics include marketing strategies, marketing mix, marketing trends, and dynamic forces acting on the market. The knowledge and skills acquired in this course can be applied to a variety of marketing career opportunities.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Business Information Systems Department is to offer opportunities to enhance the economic, social, and cultural life of the community, to provide an aggressive pursuit of technology for our students, and to attract individuals with abilities from all backgrounds. The department continuously strives for real partnering with industry, local government, and our various Advisory Committees in an effort to meet the needs of our population by providing learning opportunities that will develop academic, technical knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for career acquisition and advancement and participation in the development of our programs of study. All programs in the Business Technologies Department emphasize a combination of specific core courses and practical applications necessary for successful employment.

Course Competencies

1. Effective communication in a marketing environment
2. Role of marketing
3. Knowledge of marketing principles
4. Marketing strategy
5. Marketing career paths
Student Learning Outcomes
1. Effective communication in a marketing environment 1a. Acquire and define marketing terminology 1b. Explain the marketing mix 1c. Give examples of marketing mix variables 1d. Relate the marketing mix to marketing strategies 1e. Outline the process of creating a marketing plan

2. Role of marketing 2a. Identify external forces affecting markets 2b. Identify sources of competition 2c. Discuss differences between sales and market orientations 2d. Compare competitive marketing strategies 2e. Relate how marketing creates utility through the exchange process 2f. Explain importance of marketing in a global economy 2g. Identify ethical and legal considerations in marketing

3. Knowledge of marketing principles 3a. Discuss concept of market segmentation, target markets, and positioning 3b. Describe basic steps in conducting market research 3c. Use research to illustrate effect of environmental forces on businesses 3d. Explain SWOT analysis 3e. Diagram a SWOT analysis