Marketing: Meeting Needs Profitably Essay

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List of Figures iii
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1.0 Introduction 1 1.1 Marketing Mix Decision at FitFlop 1
1.1.1 Product & Customer’s Solution 2
1.1.2 Price & Cost 4
1.1.3 Place & Convenience 4
1.1.4 Promotion &Communication 4 1.2 Conclusion 5 6


2.0 Introduction 6
2.1 Geographic Segmentation 6
2.2 Demographic Segmentation 7
2.3 Psychographic & Behavioural Segmentation 8
2.4 Distribution & Media Segmentation 8 10
2.5 Conclusion 9

3.0 Introduction 10
3.1 Brand Equity Management by FitFlop 10
3.1.1 Brand Loyalty 11
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With years, the child will develop into an adult and will continue buying FitFlop footwear as he trusts the brand. It is possible that the adult will incur the same culture to her/his child.

1.1.2 Price & Cost In 2006, Marcia Kilgore launched the FitFlop for $50 against the MBT’s $145-plus price tag (Frackelton, 2011:7). It was a cheap and affordable type of footwear compared to its competitors. The price of an asset plays a great role in purchasing in the consumer’s mind. Consumers always want quality for cheaper price and FitFlop was offering that option. Nowadays, the price of FitFlop footwear ranges from $ 50 – 275 (FitFlop, 2011). Yet, the brand is still expensive for some consumers. However, many people are willing to invest in durable and healthy-related articles nowadays. The reason behind this attitude is because medical care would cost even more in the long run. FitFlop is also considered as a pain-free affordable option to keep in shape since burning calories in gym would require both fund and time. 1.1.3 Place & Convenience Place represents the location where a product is purchased and is often referred to as the distribution channel. Place can be both physical stores and virtual stores. Globalisation has enhanced the exponential emergence of virtual stores on the internet. On the other hand, convenience takes into account the ease of buying the product, finding the product, finding