Essay about Marketing Micro and Macro Environmental Factors

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Macro and micro environments both fall into the categories of environmental scanning. The general scope of environmental scanning is that it is a component of global environmental analysis. While analyses are typically carried out on the macro environment, the micro environment still has an important role to play. In summary, the macro environment is involved with the industries, companies, markets, clients and competitors, while the micro environment can be represented by the suppliers, competitors and customers.

Macro Environment
These are the major external and uncontrollable factors that influence an organization's decision making, and affect its performance and strategies.The macro environment is typically segmented for the
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5. Demographic Environment:
Demographic factor include Size, growth rate, age composition, sex composition etc. of population, Family size, Economic stratification of population, Educational level, Caste, religion etc. All these demographic factors are relevant to business. These factors affect the demand for goods and services. High population growth rate indicates an enormous increase in labor supply. Population with varied tastes, preferences, beliefs, temperaments etc. gives rise to differing demand pattern and calls for different marketing strategies.
6. Technological Environment:
In order to survive in today's competitive world, a business has to adopt technological changes from time to time. New technologies create new products and new processes. Technology can reduce costs, improve quality and lead to innovation. These developments can benefit consumers as well as the organizations providing the products. MP3 players, computer games, online gambling and high definition TVs are all new markets created by technological advances. Online shopping, bar coding and computer aided design are all improvements to the way we do business as a result of better technology.
7. International Environment: Another environmental factor which is fast emerging as the force to reckon with is the international environment. Implications of global or