Marketing: Microwave Oven and Separate Digital Clock Essay

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Duo-Flash slogan Kristin Hartman
Briana Timberlake
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Steve Desmarais
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Executive Summary:
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Product Name: Duo-Flash 2.0 cu ft. built in or countertop microwave with special auto-cook settings, including food thermometer, and voice command options can not only heat up, but also cool and freeze a variety of foods. Special settings allow specific food temperatures to be entered, which heats or cools food to that exact temperature. With a separate clock and cooking time window, the clock is always visible. The dual technology speeds up the cooking and cooling processes and eliminates guesswork by automatically calculating cooling time. Features:
Stainless steel construction Warms and cools food
Ceramic turntable inside
Separate digital clock window
Timer option
Special cooking settings; popcorn, chicken, potato, defrost, cool, frozen fruit, freeze
Voice command button
Dual technology
Color coated buttons Separate food thermometer Benefits: Easy to use Can hang from cabinet to free up counter space, or sit on counter if hanging isn’t an option Make ice, frozen or chilled food quickly
Warm food up quickly
Separate digital clock window is always visible even when cooking With voice command, you can tell the microwave what you want Option to set the temperature you want the food to be Food thermometer makes it easy to know what temperature you prefer certain foods
Color coated buttons make it easy to identify hot settings from cold settings

Situation Analysis Market Summary:
Demographic Segmentation: Males and Females
Middle-aged Americans Families and well-off single consumers
All nationalities All religions Stable high income

Geographic Segmentation: All urban and suburban regions of the United States Psychographic Segmentation: High disposable income
People with not a lot of time (Busy, fast moving, working)
Comsumer wants -> Time efficiency