Essay about Marketing: Milk and Ice Cream

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Adirondack Creamery
Marketing Plan

MKT508, Fall 2012

Weixi Tao
Tingyi Wu Tingting Yan
Menglang Shi


Executive Summary
On its Facebook page, Adirondack Creamery describes itself as a small ice cream company that produces “Farm Fresh, Local, Simple, and Udderly Delicious” ice cream. Selling its products in Whole Foods Market, the world’s leading organic food retailer, Adirondack Creamery should show its products among many competitors. To be recognized by more customers in Whole Foods Market and to increase the ice cream sales, Adirondack Creamery may need a marketing campaign. Our team has designed a promotion campaign which could be executed at all seven Whole Foods Market in New York City. And the budget of it is no more than $2100 during the campaign season.
In this marketing campaign, the idea is to provide the customers an opportunity to understand how this all-natural ice cream is made and to promote the conception “handmade”.
There are three parts of the marketing campaign. First, since the marketing campaign will take turns holding in all seven Whole Foods Markets, we need to inform our customers the activity schedule in advance. Second, during the activity, we design a few interactivities with the customers. Finally, we will collect the feedbacks from our customers and then make a summary of this whole campaign season.

Marketing Objective & Marketing Program
Value Proposition
The short-term goal of designing this marketing campaign, which could be executed in all seven Whole Foods Markets in New York City, is to develop sales of Adirondack Creamery products. The long-term goal, however, is to enhance brand awareness and then to attract more potential customers.
Adirondack Creamery has three parts of brand value: fresh local milk, natural flavor, handmade ice cream. We put "local" and "natural" first to our plan, but weigh less on “handmade”, because we find that the term "handmade" could be related to "fresh" much easier than those two words. Based on those information, our mission is to impact customer with fresh and high value Adirondack creamery ice cream sustainable and increasing the sale by using a serial of promotion activities.
Value experience or customer experience
The value that Adirondack Creamery can offer to its customers is the healthy and tasty ice cream.
We choose 5 seasonal flavors of ice cream as our highly recommended products during this campaign. They are "strawberry moon", "pumpkin pie", "peppermint stick", "egg nog", "coconut". To impress the customer our brand value "fresh" and "local", we add 2 new parts to our sales promotion: free milk and free ice cream samples as a gift for the customers who bring their own containers.
The strength of Adirondack Creamery ice cream is that, according to a market survey, mid-priced ice cream, comparing with high-end ice cream, is more appreciated by ice cream consumers. Adirondack Creamery ice cream is the mid-priced one.
However, the weakness is that Adirondack Creamery ice cream is easier to be ignored by consumers (since large part of the consumers are women and kids who are more sensitive to the appearances through their purchase process) due to its white background package, which is less colorful and cannot catch buyers' eyes for the first sight.
Therefore, considering the market and the customer survey, we need to make Adirondack Creamery stand out over other brands’ products in Whole Foods. Also, we should let this campaign cohere with its core value "local", "fresh", and "natural".
Benefits derived from the marketing campaign.
By offering free fresh milk to our customers as an additional gift, we can transfer the company’s core value, “local” and “fresh”, to our buyers. We will emphasis to them that this milk is locally made and taste fresh. Because the milk is the raw material of the ice cream, the customers could derive a connection between fresh milk and tasty ice cream, making them