Marketing Mix Essay

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Marketing Mix
John C. Sims Jr
Michelle Boddy


The cellular industry is a wonderful example of the four p’s of marketing. It is amazing the way the companies position themselves in today’s market. This paper is about how each one is presented and what it means to us.

Marketing Mix
The four p’s of marketing are as follows: price, product, promotion and place. Each wireless company does this extremely well. Everywhere we turn there is a well placed ad for the latest and greatest cellular technology. This is called placement of ads. This is out there to get a product noticed. There is more to it than just putting a flashy poster or billboard up. Research is done to find the correct design to attract customers. U.S. Cellular is not going to put an advertisement up for a phone that boasts great music technology up in an area that has a customer base that does not care about music. At the same time Verizon is not going to put a Hi speed internet phone ads in a place that data usage is low.
Product is important because that is what the companies want to sell. Most wireless companies are focused on smartphones. These handy little devices let their customers stay connected no matter where they are. Everyone has a Facebook, Myspace or Twitter page in our Society. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III is a device that has been pitted as the does it all piece of equipment. The technology is only rivaled by the Apple Iphone Series. I personally am partial to the Galaxy S III because it is powered by the Android operating system. This system is completely customizable to the user, because Google understand that every single one their consumers has different tastes and personality. They understand that the product has to fit their own needs and desires.
Price is a conflict for everyone. New technology always has a higher price tag because of cost of production and advertising costs. Yes we will see some promotional pricing such as buy one get one free. But the majority of the times we see new phones there is a huge price tag. This leads me to discuss promotions.
I eluded to the buy one get one free promotion in the text earlier. That is a popular one for companies. This get people interested in purchasing more than one of an item and the companies will make…