Essay on Marketing Myopia

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Marketing Myopia
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Marketing has always been a major area under consideration. Marketing has changed the world and how businesses create and maintain customers. If companies do not market themselves in the correct way then they will not be successful and will more than likely fail. For example the railroad said that they were just in the railroad business other than saying that they were in the railroad transportation also. This showed people that they were concentrating more on other things and that taking the railroad would probably not be the best means of the transportation for them to get where they were going. It is things like this that cause companies to hurt themselves by thinking they are too good for the entire scheme of things or they just do not market themselves to show customers that they are still doing it all. The railroads is a great mean of transportation and would be easily able to market and grow with a new phrase or a new way of showing customers that hey we are still into transportation. It is just not the railroad though a lot of businesses are in danger of going under after being such a huge hit not too long ago. This is from not continuing to market them and allowing the customers to forget about the business. Dry cleaning is a huge example of that. Just thirty years ago the dry cleaning business was booming and everyone wanted in on it. Who would think that dry cleaning would have competition? With finally being able to get your garments clean that you could not normally wash dry cleaning allowed you to do this without destroying your clothes. Now they have synthetic fibers and chemical adhesives that are competing with the dry cleaning industry because now people are able to clean their normally dry cleaned clothes at home with different types of sprays and just wash them in the sink. Ultrasonic is also in the near future and as we already know if Americans can eliminate spending money on things that they can buy they would rather buy the product no matter what it cost and do the work at home. Utilities companies are monopolies you have certain ones that you have to use in certain areas. So the utility companies do not have to advertise or market themselves because if you want to live in a certain area then you will have to use that certain utility company. However with science advancing the way that it is at some point and time the utility companies will have a competitor and will have to market themselves in a way that makes the consumer want to use their product in their home. With all of this being said a lot of people think that what they invest in such as electronics