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To provide parents a peace of mind when they travel, giving them the opportunity to have convenient and reliable entertainment. * INSTANT ENTERTAINMENT * Entertaining children, helping parents, MAKING MAGIC


* To provide entertainment options for travelling parents with kids of all ages * To market to one franchise; the Sheraton because it is upper class, yet appropriate for families * Market to families globally to come to Vancouver, focus on family friendly attractions * Become a successful travel magazine * The goals need to be measurable realistic time specific and compared to a benchmark * 5 year plan = national * 10 year plan = globally * Long term= other hotels outside the original franchise

* Our objectives are based on sales; we want to turn a profit * Customer oriented because we would like to encourage a successful vacation for parents and children. The magazine will provide a peace of mind for parents who want to entertain their children but don’t know what is available around the neighborhood, they don’t have to rely on guided tours or concierge.


* By cobranding, it is a beneficial to toys r us Disney and our product, because we benefit from the reputation and advertising; they benefit from reaching a different audience- families traveling/ hospitality industry- whereas before the only outlet they had in that respect was Disney resorts/cruises. * We make profit by approaching local businesses who want to be in our magazine which benefits both of us.. they pay us to be advertised in the magazine.