Marketing: Obesity and Responsibility Deal Essay

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What is the Responsibility Deal?
Mars is one of the worlds leading food manufactures including products such as Twix, uncle bens and snickers. Mars have conducted a CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility ) which covers various issues such as the environment as
There has been an increase in obesity in the United Kingdom due to people consuming too many calories. From 1993 up until 2010 there has been an 11.2% point increase in obesity in England, making this the highest rated country in Europe. Research shows that ‘With more than 60% of adults and a third of 10 and 11 year olds are overweight or obese.’ Since the ‘Public Health Responsibility Deal’ has been put in place, some of the biggest supermarket food manufactures and other food outlets are teaming up to cut 5 billion calories from the nation’s guideline daily amount. This deal was introduced to decrease the percentage of overweight people in the United Kingdom. The response from Mars towards this pledge was that; ‘We are currently working to deliver our global commitment of making all of our chocolate products no more than 250 calories per person by 2013, which will see a further significant reduction in calories to our 2 best-selling chocolate bars.’ ‘In addition we will also be introducing smaller size bars into our impulses range, enabling us to offer lower calorie single bars, and we will be reducing our multi-pack sizes from 5 bars per pack to 4 per pack.’ Although many major supermarket chains have agreed…