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Cons of marketing online
Sometimes marketing on the web can be a huge success a major part of business is deciding your medium of spreading the word. In a perfect world advertising is extremely easy and everyone profits. In reality profit is driven by sales and the key to sells is attracting customers. Businesses such as services are a bit difficult to market on the internet. The three main problems of online marketing is web travel, age differences, marketable services and general exposure.
There is no way to predict where a person may end up when searching the web. Compared to television radio and newspaper/magazine ads internet advertising is more of a follow up. the customer must first know who you are or have some kind of knowledge of your product to according to lee Roberts President and CEO of rose rock designs inc. “The problems associated with marketing on the Internet can best be understood by realizing that the web site domain, web site design, and web site features all come together in a unified concept. Similarities exist between these issues and the issues of location, store layout, and store name. The realistic business owner realizes that it costs to have the best of these elements. “ (Roberts, 2004)
Businesses such as tax services or retailers can sell products or services because they rely on computers and internet. However they place their ads carefully around the internet. Your target market is another con most proficient computer users are young and have short attention spans if you are marketing a product such as life insurance you are going to get drowned by the ads attracting hip youngsters. Social media can help and hinder businesses. According to the Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research (IAMSR),
“The marketplace has rapidly moved into the marketplace. Many companies are rushing to be present without a comprehensive strategy or without a real idea of what can or cannot be done. One of the reasons is that a paradigm shift in marketing and information technology is taking place.” (Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research (IAMSR), 1997)
At best your product refines the medium used to you market it. Services often require more awareness than information marketing. In our age the internet is drive is driven by our youth back yester year large companies who use several different agencies to advertise for them they handle print, television and radio campaigns. According to Melody Y Kiang “The research builds upon the literature in electronic commerce and past research in marketing with the objective of understanding factors that impact a product's adaptability to online marketing. A review of marketing channel choice literature reveals a set of factors and channel choice functions that are considered important in making channel decisions.”
Businesses are able to overcome the obstacles. The world of internet advertising do not use specialist everything from brainstorming an idea to campaign execution to using metrics when measuring success. The strategies used…