Essay about Marketing: Organic Products

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Lisa Johnson
American InterContinental University
July 29, 2012


The marketing of organic goods can be tedious and time consuming because of the abundance of Americans that are converting on a day to day basis. Organic products have been noted to be the best way to go although it can be very costly. These products can be very beneficial health wise in the fact that it will keep you from consuming poison that is put in other foods/products. It is my intention to relay the importance of organic products in this paper, and my marketing strategies that will give better understanding of my business venture.

The knowledge of devising a market is to permit your promotional/purchase package to stress the extent of outlooks that are "expected" to buy your contribution, if properly implemented this will assist the maximum revenue for your advertising/selling expenses. Depending on whether you are exchanging your donation to customers or a company, there are tangible differences in what you will consider when market sections are crucial.
Category of Need
Initially, building a category of need that your donation will meet, the following categories will help:
Organic Food Product:
• Strategic –the donation that is given in some way is important to the business mission, purposes and functioning error. For example, a service that will measure capital investment prospects would be placed into this area of power. The opportunity to buy for this category of contribution will be made by the prospect's head decision-making management.
• Operations - overall operating policies and procedures touches your donation. Examples might be an employee benefit package or a corporate wide communications system. This choice of buying will be made by the forecast’s top level operations management.
• Functional - your gift agree with a function that is detailed within the enterprise such as data input, accounting, human resources, plant maintenance, engineering design, manufacturing, inventory control, etc. This is the most expected field for a merchandise or service, but you must recognize that the other areas may also interfere if the buying of the merchandise or service becomes a prestige decision. This purchase decision will be made by the prospect's functional management.
For the individual consumer:
• Social Esteem or Pleasure - your gift should fulfill a desirable expressive want in the consumer. Examples are a fur coat or a diamond ring. There are some merchandise that is on the border between this category and the Functional category such as a BMW (a Ford would satisfy the functional requirement and probably drive just as well).
• Functional - your contribution encounters a serviceable requirement of the customer such as a mop, breakfast food or lawn equipment.
Segmentation of Needs Determine the area of the need and who is to encounter that need. Your breakdown will be controlled by a coordinate between the advantages presented by your donation and the necessity of the prospect. Some "need" categories for segmentation include:
Decrease in overheads
Projections might be firms that are reducing (right sizing), companies that have merchandises in the developed phase of their life series or parties with credit score difficulties.
Enhanced revenue
Predictions might be industries that have traditionally low income limits, entities that have occasionally high portfolio outlays or individuals that live in luxurious inner-city…