Essay on Marketing

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General outline of presentation
History, Products and services → (introduce 3 categories, talk about ornamental fish, markets served, focus on arowana), 4Ps for arowana, customer segmentation for arowana, Recent performance (drop in profits, focus on Arowana), PESTEL (focus on points that lead to fall in profits), Porter’s (focus on points that lead to fall in profits), SWOT (focus on points that lead to fall in profits), Recommendations , END.

What people are looking out for in our presentation, 5 main criteria:
1. Clearly identify the problems faced by Qian Hu
2. Come up with solutions to tackle the problem
3. Professionalism
4. Creative and innovative
5. Time management

Edwin: Kenny Yap, Father Yap
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Student B: Aiya beat me for what!! I was just checking Facebook for Qian Hu’s page but I realised it’s not updated leh :(

(Yaps cough cough)

Student A: (Awkwardly) Ohhhh okay, Mr Yap! I have a question! May we have a look at the famous Big Huat and Small Huat fishes that predicted the outcome for EURO 2012?

Kenny Yap: Sure!

Andy Yap: Many people became interested in Arowana after the fishes were able to predict the outcome for EURO 2012. It was a successful event in gaining consumer awareness.

Student B: Other than such events, does Qian Hu hold other promotions?

Alvin Yap: Sometimes we have price promotions such as the Buy 5 get 1 Free promotion for our red tail gold Arowana.

Student A: Mr Yap, we have noticed the steep prices of Arowana ranging from $168 to $3288, is there a specific reason why it all ends with 8?

Kenny Yap: As the chinese saying goes 8 = fa! This pricing scheme appeals to the Chinese who generally value the superstitious meanings of the number 8.

(HUAT AH! All the Yaps do together)

Customer segmentation (EDWIN)

Student A: So Mr Yap, which type of customers do you target for the sale its Arowana?

Kenny Yap: Actually, we do not have a specific target market for our Arowana. To us, anyone and everyone is a potential customer! We want to appeal to everyone!

(Students look puzzled)

Student B: But Mr Yap, according to Ms Violet our