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Marketing is the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably.
The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Retrieved on January 2, 2012, from

Tesco Analysis MARKET STRUCTURE The market in which Tesco operates is supermarkets. Tesco holds a disproportionate amount of power. The figures below indicate that Tesco holds over a third of the market share, and even double the amount of Asda's market share, the second leading supermarket.
Due to the fact that they are in an oligopoly market, Tesco's decisions would be mainly influenced by the decisions that their other few competitors, such as Sainsbury’s, are making too as well as how they are likely to respond to Tesco's actions, which include their expansion into other product ranges, integration, and price strategies
TESCO Analysis Retrieved on January 2, 2012, from
Tesco is the UK's biggest food retailer offering a variety of services for food and non-food products to include insurance, entertainment, electrical goods and many more. It employs over 440,000 people around the world with over 280,000 in the UK. It has over 2,000 stores in the UK and a growing number of stores abroad in countries such as Thailand, China, Hungary and the United States.
Business Case Studies Retreived on January 2, 2012, from A key ingredient to Tesco’s growth is the use of well-targeted own-label brands including the up-market ‘Finest’ and low-price ‘Value’ labels. To drive this Tesco has led the field in market insight. Its Clubcard, the most successful loyalty card in the sector, provides Tesco with a class-leading ability to spot emerging trends, attract consumers and influence the behaviour of secondary customers to bring them into the fold.
Inovation Leaders Retrieved on January 2, 2012, from Over the years TESCO has expanded their ranges and services so now they can offer almost everything: groceries, petrol, furniture, clothing, mobile network, and insurance, dental insurance, DIY and car accessories and tools and much more…they even do TESCO law and will writing services.

TESCO has also a very wide range of pet food, treats and accessories for pets and taking into consideration that it is a highly competitive market, they are doing well on keeping their prices low and providing our pets with a huge variety of food to choose from:
Cat Food, Kitten Food, Senior Cat Food, Cat Treats, Small Animals Food, Fish & Bird Food, Dog Food, Puppy Food, Senior Dog Food, Dog Treats, Chews & Biscuits
UK consumers are heavily invested in the pet care market. Their personal lifestyle, health and hygiene expectations are being transferred to pets, and the market is only too happy to cater to this demand.
The number of UK households with dogs has overtaken cats for the first time in the last five years; however due to the higher number of cats per household, cats remain the largest population with an estimated total of 8.3 million dogs and 8.6 million cats in 2010 the UK.
Weight control is becoming as relevant to pets as it is to humans with a third of dogs and a quarter of cats considered to be overweight. The growing awareness of pet obesity has prompted a number of targeted initiatives and also provides further opportunities for specific diet foods for certain breeds and ages.
Dog owners are typically more price-sensitive than cat owners due to the higher volumes of food that dogs consume and have responded by buying different foods such as more complete dry food. Complete dry dog food has grown significantly to be used by four in five dog users, similar to dry cat food.
Pet treat brands can continue to add value to the category by refocusing on the less