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Between the Posts
Joseph Morton
Baker College- Auburn Hills

Between the Posts
Situational Analysis
Company Description. Between the Posts is your one stop retail shop located in Auburn Hills, MI. We are committed in providing the consumer the latest and safest in hockey equipment and appeal on the market today. Our products will range from skates, shoulder pads, shin guards, jerseys, pants, helmets, sticks, mouth guards, jock straps, and goalie equipment for both the ice and roller the street.
Between the Posts will provide the best in customer service to make sure that every piece of equipment that you purchase fits correctly the first time. Between the Posts will have only the most knowledgeable staff in the game today, so when you are ready to take the ice, you will have the safest and best experience possible.
Company Mission. Between the Posts is committed to serving the needs of our customers with a wide variety of products from the best manufacturers, excellent customer service, and comprehensive product information for a genuinely unique shopping experience.
Marketing Effort. In order to meet the needs of Between the Posts, Joseph Morton the president of the company, will coordinate the marketing effort.
SWOT Analysis.
Strengths. Between the Posts distinguishes itself from surrounding competition by offering the best in customer service with its knowledgeable staff and quality products. Between the Posts will only sell the latest hockey equipment and apparel in the game today, so the staff at Between the Posts will have a great knowledge for the game and be able to answer all questions that the customers may have.

Between the Posts will also have machines and equipment to not only sharpen your skates, but also mold them to your exact foot. The key to a properly fitted skate is not only for comfort, but also for protection and to help with your foot not being able to move in your skates to prevent blisters. These are service you will not find in any other stores but Between the Posts.
The last strength that Between the Posts will have is the ability to be flexible with the equipment and how we can modify different pieces to custom fit each customer. When playing the game of hockey, it is important to be safe on the ice. To do this you must have the equipment fit just right and properly. Getting this knowledge and service is what you will find at Between the Posts Weaknesses. Between the Posts is a small business that is just starting out with very limited funding and minimal staff. The lack of capital will create issues on how much inventory that they will be able to carry in the stores, and how much advertisement that they can promote. With the very limited budget you will not be able to afford the staff with the great knowledge of the equipment, making it difficult to have the excellent customer service that Between the Posts needs to survive. Another weakness that Between the Posts will face is the amount of revenue that they can generate during the summer months. Although they are looking to sell roller hockey equipment for the summer months, this will not bring in the revenue that they will receive during the fall, winter, and spring seasons. They would have to look into selling other types of equipment, like lacrosse to try and supplement the revenue in the summer.
Lastly, Between the Posts needs a website. Every sporting goods Perani’s, Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Play it again Sports and almost every other retail store has a website to stay competitive. Getting your business on the internet with a webpage where customers can order the equipment and have the capability to generate sales through that sight is a must for Between the Posts. Opportunities. One major opportunity that Between the Posts can take advantage of is its location. Between the Posts will be located right in the middle of one of the largest and busies shopping location in