Marketing Plan Essay

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A key element of Sam’s Club’s marketing plan is positioning Sam’s Club to gain market share through an expansion and enhancement of their service offerings. The intent is to hire and train staff that will assist customers in an aggressive, but non-intrusive, manner to understand what they are looking for and to align that with what Sam’s Club has to offer. This could be achieved by adding two staff members during evening and weekend hours. If the need is non-navigational and more technical in nature, there will be staff of trained specialists who will be versed in what the product features are and knowledgeable in comparative analysis in the product offerings. This arrangement will help staff better understand the customers’ needs versus wants and the price point that best meets their budget.
Product strategy-
The product mix and how it is presented strategically to the customer is central to the marketing plan of Sam’s Club. Although Sam’s Club’s prices are a strong suit, the number of products offered is sometimes a weakness. Most products only come with the manufacturer’s warranty. If Sam’s Club began offering extended warranties for items like snow blowers, they would be able to realize additional revenue and improve the customer experience by showing they back-up what they sell. One area that could serve as a growth opportunity for Sam’s Club is the electronics home theatre area. They offer a number of flat screen TV’s today, but do not have anything set up which