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Marketing Strategy (Action Plans)

Promotion Action Plan: Outdoor recreation is currently located on the Robins Air Force Base (AFB 78). One of the many challenges for this company will be around the discussion of how to market its products and services. Improve the customer-base with the goal of increasing revenue year-round.
Objective: Rejuvenating the Outdoor Recreation at Robins Airforce Base by educating military and families what the park has to offer. To promote the advantages that Robins Airforce Base Outdoor Recreation offers, while keeping focus on the selected target market. To remain viable, Outdoor Recreation needs to grow the number of occasions the park is used and also effecting a change in consumption by encouraging more frequent visits and providing information on its rental equipment. Traditionally, Outdoor Recreation was synonymous with the backcountry, but as Americans battle inactivity, and outdoor enthusiasts increasingly seek activities that can be done before dinner, close to home recreation opportunities are more sought after than ever.

Target Market: The target market will remain the military and its family members. While this gives just a select group of individuals, this target market encompasses individuals between the ages of 18-45 and up. Become an exclusive Outdoor Recreation destination to all military personnel by encouraging the benefits of the park as a family destination. Mail postcards and flyers to all military personnel and families while promoting word of mouth marketing. Target Market
Living on and off base

Base Population 2007 - 2012

Description of Actions to be taken: Expansion of the Who (Military Members and Families): Outdoor product sales have become stronger than ever, however, for the management team at the Robins Air force Base, promoting the Outdoor Recreation and its benefits will not be an easy task.
- The focus is on family and leisure more than ever.
- The climate in Georgia needs to plays a major role in visitor-ship and sales. Many outdoor recreation activities and camping, for the most part, are seasonal activities.
- During the slower seasons promote and bring back the “yard sales”.
- The aura of knowledge, experience, and innovation that attracts military personnel and families.
- Promote all new equipment and customer ease and functionality in rental and returns of all gear.
Timing: Timing seems to be one of the top revenue busters for Outdoor Recreation at Robins Airforce Base. Campaign a promotion plan based the seasons. Reach out to potential partners; media and community organizations who can help spread the word about the campaign. Daily: tweet out pledge tallies, funny moments, update Facebook page with progress reports, links to our blog and relevant articles of interest on the web. Make Robins AirForce Base a destination for family getaways. New visitors will be acquired by increasing customer awareness and communicating benefits of the park. Initiate a day camp with scheduled activities for military members household with children ages 4 to 17 years of age. In addition to creating brand awareness, the campaign will support publication distribution and drive inquiries to Robins Airforce Base Outdoor Recreation’s information center.
Plan Evaluation: Users of outdoor recreation facilities are concerned about safety and security. How Robins Airforce Base Outdoor Recreation manages the facility is in line with the base itself. Improved security and response times are increased during the busier times. Once the yard sales are increased and purchasing of additional equipment is completed, our plans are to facilitate and increase our staff numbers while increasing awareness and eventually increased revenues. The facility takes pride in its brand and resources and will continue to work with the military community to provide this