Netflix Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Objectives

By updating our current video stream library more frequently with newer videos and with video genres that appeal most to our suscribers, we will retain our current 50 million members and gain new subscribers. Despite strong international growth in the past year, the US still accounts for roughly 65% of all subscribers. But through the addition of more popular foreign videos we will gain more international subscribers and increase revenue. Marketing Strategy

According to my survey conducted in Octer 2014, 75% of customers who were subscribed to Netflix were aged 21­30. Therefore, prospective customers aged 21­30 will be the primary target. Also according to the survey conducted, the genres action and comedy were by the far the most popular genres. Therefore the majority of videos we add will be action and comedy videos. Documentaries, Sci­Fi/ Fantasy, and horror films were the next 3 most popular genres. Therefore, will be the secondary target of genres to add to our video database. We will also add the newer movies that are available in red box kiosks to our video database and raise our monthly subscription price $2, which should not effect membership growth since a “$1 increase had minimal impact on membership growth." (Shukla,­inc­nflx­q1­earnings­preview/) Marketing Mix We will add new video contents to our current database. The majority will be action and comedy