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Mission Statement:
My objective is to encourage students who want to continue their education after high school, to consider applying to Wilfred Laurier University. I want to be able to highlight all of Laurier’s benefits, and inspire students to attend this establishment. To help achieve this goal I will engage in a promotional campaign, through the social networking site, Twitter.

Target Market:
The Twitter page will primarily focus on students who have decided to attend university, between the ages of 17-20. The goal is to attract not only students who live in Brantford, but to catch the attention of students who live in different geographical areas as well. Laurier is a friendly environment composed of a diversity of people and would like to continue expanding its cultural horizons in the future.

Goals for Marketing Project:
The goal of this promotion is to motive students to consider Wilfred Laurier as their main choice for continuing education. I am determined to grasp the attention of at least seventy students by the end of this semester. I will update the Twitter page daily with details about different programs, exciting Laurier events and my personal incite and discoveries about the school. I believe that students will be able to relate to this promotion because it is on a consumer-to-consumer level. Meaning a current student is sharing their insight about the university with another student. Both people are in the same situation, rather than a professor or faculty member from the school lecturing about Laurier. I chose to create a Twitter account after looking into some secondary research. It appeared