What Is Solomon's Bakery

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Part 8. Promotional strategy
The marketing objectives for Solomon’s Bakery are to find who Solomon’s Customer is, to increase online presence having more than 3000 people on their e-mail subscription list, and to have 5% of overall sales come from the online ordering over the next year.
The First goal of finding out who really is Solomon’s customer will be achieved by tracking with a CRM system to manage data and find trends. By surveying customers and having them sign up for customer reward programs Solomon’s will be able to collect data on their current customer ultimately learning better ways get their target market in the front door and to order online.
The Second goal of increasing Solomon’s online or web presence will be achieved by creating a website for the bakery showcasing the really great products. They will also continue using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and yelp; and reply to posting about them with invitations to sign up for the e-newsletter and receiving coupons or a free product with purchase of another item. Also having the customers signing up for the rewards program will ask permission to send out the newsletter to them as well. They will optimize their website for the google search engine and also buy advertising using key words “Solomon’s”, “organic”, “Bakery”, “Uptown” “Online” and “Ordering” to drive traffic to their new website.
Thirdly, having 5% of sales come from online ordering can be achieved using banner ads online, promoting their website, having a mobile app, and advertising in store. Solomon’s can buy banner ads on sites about baking, and on popular sites like the food network where there is a lot of traffic. They can also