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New Horizons Fuel Systems marketing strategy
Lisa, Jeff, Kyle
Grand Canyon University
Marketing Management
Professor Elizabeth B
July 27, 2013

Executive Summary

The following marketing plan provides the implementation of the New Horizons Fuel Systems marketing strategy in entering the automotive hydrogen fuel cell industry. As a start up company, New Horizons is uniquely positioned to tap into this relatively undiscovered business opportunity. Uniquely positioned to be supported by private automotive companies, federal government departments, and an overwhelming public support system, New Horizons will rapidly grow to be the largest provider of Hydrogen and Hydrogen fuel stations in North America. With data collected from the department of energy on both the new industry and the major competitor of gasoline and oil companies, the marketing plan of New Horizons, is ready to be implemented. The goals and mission of the company is set forth along with the SWOT analysis to give an overview of the position the company is in. Also, both the market focus and market production are discussed in detail in the following report. New Horizons in uniquely positioned to help investors return on their investment dollars rapidly and consistently. Company description
New Horizons Fuel Services (New Horizons) was founded in June 2013 by three passionate entrepreneurs, Lisa, Jeff, and Kyle. They all three have studied marketing at Grand Canyon University. Jeff currently is a sole proprietor of an automotive repair facility and auto parts store. Kyle currently works for a large bank. Lisa is finishing up her business degree at Grand Canyon University. All three have decided to develop the use of hydrogen fuel and build hydrogen refueling stations, so hydrogen powered cars can become more universal.
New Horizons industry of building stations and providing Hydrogen fuel, reflect their passion for improving the health of the world environment, which the company officers feel strongly about. It also reflects their dream that hydrogen powered cars will grow in popularity, with eventual goal of totally replacing carbon based fuels. Hydrogen fuel cells showcase the company’s slogan: “The Better Fuel Source.” New Horizons will sell hydrogen fuel for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which will help to reduce airborne pollutants, and eventually eliminate the worlds’ dependence on oil.
New Horizons is currently not on the market yet, but will be distributed at hydrogen fuel stations built around the United States and Canada. Most of the stations will be located in major U.S. cities across the nation, such as the greater Los Angeles-Pasadena area, San Diego, and the San Jose-Oakland-San Francisco Bay area. The other eleven areas, besides California, will be New York, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. Our goal is to sell to all age groups with the belief that sales will double each year, for the first two years on the market. Stanek, Caudell, and Hendrickson, are currently working to promote the advantages, and capabilities of hydrogen fuel. New Horizons is also committed to giving to the community by performing volunteer work, making collections for various charity groups in the office, donating products, becoming a sponsor, and offering internships to students that are studying in several fields related to alternative fuel research and development. As a result of the various charitable activities that our firm and its employees are involved with, throughout our community, our employees have gained a pleasant feeling of connectedness with our community.
Strategy focus and plan
This section describes the five-year marketing and product goals for New Horizons Fuel Systems. The priority is to attract customers, which will achieve the marketing process. The following section describes tactics New Horizons Fuel