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Marketing Plan: Service Description

Risa’s Pet care
This Service is “Pet care” which is caring for your animal while you are away on vacation or may just at work for an extended period of time. The average person when going on vacation will take their animals with them. There are some occasions where they are not permitted to take the animals; this causes stress on the owner to figure out what to do with the animal(s). Where can I place my pet? What type of treatment is my pet going to receive? Are they going to be happy? Will they be taken care of properly? Most people treat their animals as if they were there child and want the best care for them. In this business the owners will be on vacation as well as their pet. Animals need a break too! This service is self-explanatory. Caring for your pet while you are away from home. You pet can stay in the comfort of their own home and be treated like a queen or king. You as the owner get to decide on how many times your pets’ companion will come to visit. During this visit the time will be spent playing, eating, taking a walk to explore new things, training, and sometimes even the dreadful bath you do not want to give. Our pet loving team knows how you feel when you leave your pet behind and knows that our time will not replace the time spent with you (the owner). However our goal is to care for the pet as if they were our own, and make sure they are having fun in the process. Your animal may have a favorite toy and we will spend each visit allowing them to fetch and play. They will eat at the time specified by the owner and go on luxurious walks to visit others. If the animal gets to dirty during playtime a bath can be given, or if this is just not one of your favorite tasks and would like for us too. We also provide training; does your pup need some manners? Not to beg at the table or listen when you call them? We can start the training and teach the valuable tools to continue this process.
Service Function and Design This service holds for the key purpose of people who are working long hour days or going on vacation. Our pet sitters step in to comfort, provide security, and fill the void while the owner is out. This service will take the worry away from the owners by us providing the love and care while the owner is away. Many pets become stressed when