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Marketing Plan Assignment Chapter 10
Myia AshmorePrinciples of Marketing
Professor Lynn Addison
Marketing Plan Assignment Chapter 10
Student Loans-20,000 over 4 years/ 200/ monthly
Training Seminars- Human resources seminars, because 5 years of experience is required in my position. $1000
Graduate School Costs- 25,000- 18 months at Florida International University
Housing- $100,000/annually /
Transportation- $200/monthly
I think that in my situation a higher demand of a salary could very much associated, because in my line of work more than five years of experience is required, a master’s degree is required and it has to be from a credible university of college. Also, I have done a couple internships that will further help me with my inexperience of a human resources manager. First, I plan to be an assistant human resources manager for the experience and to help build myself in the career that I plan to pursue and maybe I can build a substantial relationship that the company I work for and they hire me after finishing my masters. I have very unique skills that could increase my value in a certain company such as outstanding typing, multi-tasking, listening, and creativeness type of skills. Human resources requires you to be a listener, handling a lot people on a daily basis, money skills, and many other unique set of skills. Working for these types of companies with the skills that I have I can be hired as a lower position and they pay for the experience and education that I need beyond that.
The salary for my set of qualifications and skills averages up to a $124,000