Marketing Plan for Huyndai Essay

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Marketing: promotion and advertising Target market
Nowadays, Hyundai car manufactures more focus on customers who are between about 18 to 60 years old. Especially, consumers have children who need to have more space on the car. So, when manufacturing new car models, Hyundai think more about convenient family, safety factors, economical consumption of fuel and user friendly driving features.
In the following advertising idea, Hyundai will share with you a new car model: Hyundai Model F4 Elite car. They hope you enjoy it and let them know which feelings you think about it. Advertising
On this autumn, a company will launch Hyundai Model F4 Elite car in all regions of Australia. Hyundai Model F4 Elite car will be available in all Hyundai’s auto. Advertising on TV which is the most popular form of media. The advertisement of Hyundai Model F4 Elite can be displayed on television and it will be displayed during the peak time (7:30pm to 9:00pm) when almost everyone stays at home. Advertising will also appear on websites such as:

Moreover, a company will be advertising Hyundai Model F4 Elite on Facebook that is the popular network nowadays. In addition, the pictures and posters of Hyundai Model F4 Elite in areas where many people can see it everyday such as: stations (Flinders Street Station, Southern Cross Station), shopping centre (Melbourne Central, Chadstone). The advertisement of Hyundai Model F4 Elite will also be printed