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Executive Summary Home Run Inn® is a local, family owned corporation that has had 60+ years in experience in selling what would become known as “The Best Traditional Chicago-style pizzas. Home Run Inn®’s serves a variety of things outside pizza such as chicken wings, soup and salad, sandwiches, and other typical bar-styled food. Home Run Inn® also stepped in the market of frozen foods by offering a huge array of frozen pizzas to Megastores and supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, and Aldis. Home Run Inn® has many employees and doesn’t have many problems and business flows steadily all year because of the nine different franchised locations and also because pizza is a food that people eat on a daily basis. A major challenge that faces Home Run Inn® is getting the target market to span outside of the Chicago land and also to increase profits not just on a local level but national level.
An evaluation of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats served as the foundation for this strategic analysis and marketing plan. The plan focuses on the company’s growth strategy, suggesting ways in which it can build on existing customer relationships, and other the basis of great taste product freshness.
Environmental Analysis
When Home Run Inn® was founded in 1923, it was just a small bar located on 31th street. They have evolved into a marketer of high quality, hand tossed pizzas. Owned by Mary and Vincent Grittani, through love, hard work, and commitment, they turned the bar into a go-to pizzeria with a built-in bar.
A. The Marketing Environment
a.i. Competitive Forces- the competition in the fast food industry on the regional and local